BMW i8 Roadster – HUGE new update confirmed for stunning hybrid supercar

BMW i8 Roadster – HUGE new update confirmed for stunning hybrid supercar

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BMW will unveil the new at the Los Angeles Auto Show 2017 in December this year.

The Roadster is the second low-emissions i8 model to be revealed. 

It will be based on the new i8 Spyder Concept that was debuted at the 2012 Paris Motor Show.

Much like the Spyder it will be an open-top hybrid super car and will likely share a lot of the same styling that the original i8 had.

Currently the Roadster is being shown to select groups of people at a VIP events across the globe.

bmw i8 Roadster

According to a report by BMW Blog, at one of these events, which took place in Belgium, some interesting information was shared about the car.

Firstly the new car will be introduced with a brand-new colour dubbed Electric Copper, and will feature a soft-top.

This fabric roof can be opened in just 14 seconds at speeds of up to around 37mph.

Most interestingly of all it was apparently confirmed at the event that the new i8 Roadster will have double the electric driving range of the i8 Coupe.

Official figures are however yet to be confirmed but in addition to the capacity we can also expect a bump in power.

bmw i8 upgrade

In a teaser video a camouflaged version of the car is on display. From these initial images it looks like BMW has removed the indented bonnet scoop that is present on previous i8 cars.

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